Privacy Policy totally respects the privacy and welfare of each individual customer. You would like to inform you of the roles we play, and the extent we go to ensure your protection, and that you understand what we do with any information regarding you that is retained:

  1. Your information

We do not currently collect your information, but we do plan on developing the software to do so in the future. We plan on collecting it through cookies for every time you, the customer/user visits our website. We currently can briefly see some information regarding you, the area of the world you are visiting our website from, your IP address, and the name of your internet carrier only while you are online visiting our website. Any information other than that is presented to us voluntarily by you, the customer/user. We do not take any information from you if not offered.

The customer does have the option to create an account. In this instance your information would be saved to our website voluntarily by you, the customer/user.

  1. The use of your information

Since we do not currently have any valuable personal information of yours, nothing is used to benefit us as a company. However, we do look at the area that you are visiting from to work on our regional marketing efforts, but this is not individual user specific.

If you, the customer/user does sign up for an account through our website as mentioned above, your information would be used in email marketing toward some of the items you showed interest in. We would use your information to send you information only electronically in regard to our products, but would not send your information to an third parties, other companies, or any other party or individual without you, the customer/user saying so.

  1. Privacy

    We will not sell, trade, or rent personally identifiable information of yours to other companies as a part of our regular course of business. We use the latest in encryption technology and software to ensure your protection. All employees hired to work for must sign a confidentiality agreement that forbids the disclosure of any information pertaining to the you, the customer/user.

  1. Information that we may send to you through email

    The information that you send you will be automatically sent to you as a customer. Some of the information that we will be sending you will all be helpful information including, but not limited to new website updates, free stuff, promotions, customer/user specials, alerts, the direction of our business for your involvement, and friendly letters of appreciation for your business or interest in us.

*If you have any questions, concerns, or disagreements with our privacy policy, please do contact us through email at