10 Reasons Why Madonna is Such an Amazing Person

Madonna is one of the greatest singers, dancers, philanthropist, actors, and businesswomen of our time. She is an inspiration to all people who hope to be even half of what she is. After reading or studying about what she has accomplished and done for the world in her lifetime it makes you think; what am I actually doing in my life? How can a person like me make such an impact in life? Here are some amazing things about Madonna that really stood out to me. 

1. She has faced adversity and struggle, and still prevailed

At a young age, Madonna lost her beloved mother to breast cancer, something that hopefully most people don't have to go through. She still maintained a high grade point average and kept her eyes on the prize of success and making something out of herself. The most important people in your life are your parents, and in their absence they don't get to see you succeed at what you love to do, they don't get to see you grow into a lovely person who thinks an feels the way they do.

  1. Shes a successful college dropout

She received a full ride scholarship for dance to the University of Michigan School of Music, Theatre & Dance to only dropout after two short years of school. She had little money and worked as a waitress at Dunkin' Donuts after her move to New York City while working to make it on the big screen. With $35 in her pocket, she came to NYC with a clear vision for her future, got on a plane and traveled in a taxi for the first time in her life.

  1. She is an amazing mother

She has beautiful kids of different age groups and ethnicities. What is so fascinating is her beautiful daughter Mercy James who she adopted from Malawi in 2009 amid a storm of controversy. Mercy was from a very poor country where her opportunities were scarce, and Madonna was about to give her the world, something we should all want to do one day.

  1. Madonna is a true philanthropist

She is focused on funding things like women's rights and equality, education, global development, and humanitarian. Her Ray of Light Foundation supports organizations around the owlrd that work to promote peace, equal rights and education for everyone. The foundation works both in the United States as well as globally. She also does a lot of things for the city of Detroit where she is from. She helps to fund the Detroit Achievement Academy, a free public charter school.

  1. She is very charismatic

When Madonna is in public, she is extremely charismatic. She lightens up the room like no other person has the ability to. This has allowed her to appeal to and capture so many people, even the best of us. Every one just wants to see what she'll do next, and what us she has up her sleeve.

  1. She follows her dreams

Everything in life has a purpose for Madonna, no matter what her dreams were – becoming a singer and dancer, acting, modeling, being a brilliant businesswoman. She can confidently say she succeeded in all of this things because she followed her dreams and did what she loves to do. Without the drive to succeed and be the best, she may not have excelled the way she did through out the years.

  1. Madonna takes risks

Taking risks has enabled Madonna to venture from singing and dancing to acting and business. Even when it comes to the beautiful things in life like adopting an impoverished child, she did so without caring what people though about her actions, but she knew that what she was doing was a risk, but ultimately it was the right thing to do.

  1. She is very entertaining

Personality has a lot to do with her success, especially as an icon in the singing and dancing world. Madonna has always had the uncanny ability to relate to her fans. Whether it was being this so called sex symbol or doing what other women in her field were afraid to do, she finds ways to make the audience love her.

  1. She possesses a competitive nature about herself

Being a competitive person has been the driving force behing her success. Everything she has done, she has put her all into it, and became the beautiful woman she is today. She has made a wonderful impact on the world like the good kings and queens of the old days. She will always be an icon because of who is she as a person.

  1. She works her ass off

There is no way she could have gotten to her status in life without a lot of hard work and getting told no. With big success comes a lot of hard times, but Madonna didn't let that phase her because she is a true star, and an advocate for all women today.