Oahu Hikes - Hawaii

The Hikes of Hawaii – Oahu

Since we are stuck on Hawaii now and its magnificence, it would simply be rude of us to leave out one of the best parts of this beautiful rock of nature – the hikes. There truly is some of the best hikes in the world on this tiny little island we call home and some more.

Besides shopping, hiking is probably one of the best things we got going for ourselves here; its fun, it brings in the money, tourists love it, and its one of the best and most affordably free dates you could possibly go on. If a boy won't hike with you, then you know he's not a keeper!

We'll start with some of the top 5 hikes we could possibly think of and we'll let you do the research:


This hike is a pretty moderate hike. Be sure to bring some water and a friend to enjoy the beautiful view with you! This hike over looks the Mokulua Islands (Moku Nui and Moku lki) and a beautiful million dollar neighborhood with beafutiful beach front houses.

At one point in history, this hike served as a Coast Atrillery observation station in 1943 doing World War II, now its one of the most famed hikes in the world!


A beautiful hike that wraps around the western tip of Oahu. This beautiful hike was once accessible by vehicle and still there is a road, it is no longer open to traveling cars. But don't let that discourage you, on the other side of the hike you can off road with a permit I believe. When you finally get a chance to do it, you'll see that its really not much of a hike at all, but more of a leisure walk into the North Shore. The hardest part about this hike, I would say, is the beating sun so be sure to bring some cold water! Its not quite the nice and lush jungle like part of the island, but more so desert looking and still one of the most attractive hikes in Hawaii!


Theres nothing like swimming in a natural pool in the middle of the woods! This is a beautifully moderate hike with not to many surprises, and is even a hike you could take kids on. I would say the most outrageous part of this hike would be Cardiac Hill which is nearly vertical and full of that red dirt!


A short hike with beautiful and iconic sites on the south shore of Oahu, Koko Crater is certainly one of my favorites. I would suggest partking at Halona Blowhole lookout and carefully cross the highway. After the hike, a great place is go cool off and take a dip into the beautiful ocean is Cockroach Cove.


Just....don't get caught doing this hike! This hike is currently “CLOSED” and not sanctioned by the state. If you attempt to do this hike you are doing so at your own risk and do understand there is a chance you could get caught. Don't get me wrong, this is such a beautiful hike but can be dangerous.

Also called Haiku Stairs, it is considered the most difficult hike on the island by some, but the most amazing views can be seen on this hike!