Shop, Travel, & Party in Hawaii

When we think of a cool brand of island accessories, boho chic style, and cool sexy rompers and jumpsuits we think of a free-spirited girl who enjoys traveling around the world and seeing new things. Mai Tai's on the beach, late night bonfires with boo's and skinny dipping as if you and your friends are the only people in the world.

We would like to hit on some really cool things to do in Hawaii on the island of Oahu for those who plan to travel here now or in the future.

Well, everyone loves to go to Waikiki, which is a great starting point, but I wouldn't suggest staying there your entire visit as some people tend to do for some reason. Waikiki occupies a long stretch of the coast on the south shore of Honolulu and is the main hotspot of the town, where there's a sea of high rise hotels and resorts that line in the beach. Even if you have no intentions of staying in Waikiki there are many reasons to come to this area at some point, maybe just for a breakfast at Lulu's and a morning mimosa – my favorite past time.

Also, right near Waikiki is the Ala Moana Center, a huge shopping destination. You will find some of the high-end designers and shops there – it's super expensive but if you can afford it, then more power to ya!

Other than Waikiki, a great reason to come to Hawaii is the local food and the shrimp trucks. If you ever get a chance to go to the North Shore, you will come across some of the most amazing little shrimp trucks fresh from the ocean. A favorite is Giovanni's Shrimp Truck, in which they have around 2 locations of shrimp trucks around the island. Hawaii tends to have a lot of Asian food, especially Korean, Vietnamese, and Japanese.

Lastly, I would like to hit on beaches on the island. I'll give you 5 beaches from favorite to least favorite:

1.) Kualoa Regional Park

2.) Waimanalo Beach

3.) Waimea Beach

4.) Kahana State Park

5.) Sandy's Beach

These are some of the best beaches in the world that you could possibly go to. Come and explore the most happening beaches in the world that cascade the free spirit of fashion and celebration together to fill unforgettable moments into your life. It could be your chance to experience boho clothing, jewelry, and other Hawaiian style dresses, which are having a unique blend of heritage and contemporaneity.

We'll have more amazing Hawaii posts coming up soon.