Rompers is the choice for 2017

The obvious choices of outfits for women during winter months is jumpsuits, sweaters, vintage jeans and maxi dresses. Fortunately where we stay it is hot all year round!

There is an option for those who want the comfort of shorts and a tank top or shirt in our beautiful climate, but also want the fashionable style of a dress. There is a beautiful and trendy solution to this problem; the romper! The wonderful part about this is that it allows women to select a more chic look, but is very comfortable. In a romper, there's no need to worry about your skirt flying up. Rompers allow for cartwheels, bike riding, and outdoors activities will still looking fashionable, free, and amazing.

Wearing a romper gives the impression that you put more effort into your appearance than you actually did. Rompers require zero extra work, maybe even less than a normal outfit because they are only one piece.

Rompers are great for music festivals, the beach, going out in the evening, casual weekends – there is really no place or occasion that a romper wouldn't be perfect for.

Many celebrities are promoting rompers as well, on and off the red carpet. Miley Cyrus, Vanessa Hudgens, Rihanna, and even Ariana Grande.

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